Mary Meloy, MA, RD/LD

I’m a nutrition expert, and a wanna-be guru and recycler. I’m also an adventurous, self-employed housewife and mother.  I’ve always loved food and I’m interested in how it contributes to my health.  In addition to nutrition, I’m intrigued with body movement and how this all connects to my mind, my spirit and my environment.

M is for MaryMy expertise ….

I am an integrative health practitioner, counselor and educator.  Along with being a registered dietitian, I am a certified Reiki master, and a Yoga and movement instructor.  I have my master’s degree in Holistic Health Education from John F. Kennedy University, Pleasant Hill, CA.  My undergraduate degrees are in Dietetics from Kansas State University, and Health and Physical Education from Pennsylvania State University.  I am a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, formerly the American Dietetic Association, and a member of Nutrition Entrepreneurs.

 And, how can I help you?….

I help the person who wants to, or needs to, address their health in the target areas of nutrition and bodywork.  Perhaps you’ve been dealing with a weight issue but think you’ve exhausted all solutions.  Maybe you just found out you are diabetic and are not sure if you can maintain a healthy diet.  Or, you’ve been having body image issues.  Perhaps you have a serious eating disorder and can’t find the proper help.  Or you’ve been having trouble with your digestion and can’t seem to figure out what is contributing to it.  Maybe your overall nutritional health is heading down hill and you feel if you don’t address it soon, you’ll be in even bigger trouble.

I offer the solution with a set of tools, designed by me, but decided together.  They are used to help you become the person you want to be.  I have helped adults cook and eat healthy at home and at the office.   I have helped couples and families release weight together.  And I’ve helped parents and families deal with an anorexic teenager.  I have helped stressed out women take care of themselves while being sandwiched in between taking care of their elderly parents and children.  Many of the individuals I’ve worked with take an active approach to changing their lifestyle through exercise and eating for long term good health.  I offer this kind of unique knowledge and support that is based on your own specific needs and wants.  Trust me, it can be difficult to find this type of service, but you can find it here at Body of Wisdom.

Begin your own journey with me….

In 2005, I opened my own business in private practice called Body of Wisdom in Cherokee, Iowa.  Here I provide nutritional counseling, a studio for Yoga, bodywork and Reiki, and a variety of workshops and fun events incorporating a food and integrative theme.  I take a “whole foods” approach to eating and living.  Because I lived and worked on our midwest family farm for many years, I have hands-on experience. 

In 2011, I decided to base my counseling business globally from both the United States and Europe.  Whether individual or group; in person or web based sessions; my unique experience and knowledge enable me to provide my clientele with a traditional, yet integrative approach to health.  I’m constantly working on that balance thing myself, and since I’m a Libra I yearn even more for Lady Justice.  And, I’m proving this by now living and working in two places; in the city and in the country. As you might suspect, I’ve been known to live on the edge.  These days the edge is either my terraza with plant boxes of Spanish herbs and a Michelin star restaurant around the corner, or it’s from my three season porch with a vegetable and fruit garden and a big kitchen. Really, the edge is not too bad, you get to see more and the views are amazing.  It’s bringing out the best of me.  I’ve fallen in love again with photography.  And, I’m so grateful for Skype.  We’ve come a long way, baby!  So, begin your own journey, seek out, and share with me in these ridiculous times.