Body of Wisdom Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary


Body of Wisdom is celebrating 10 years in service to you and the community of Cherokee.  Come celebrate in 2015!  Here’s to all of you out there that have released weight, done Yoga or a workshop.  Here’s to you for being open, to reading books and attended Savoring Words.  And to those of you that have experienced Reiki.  Here’s to all that have changed their lifestyles for the better. I know who you are, YOU know who you are….. View the post

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Think Pink


All around us, we’re reminded of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Pink ribbons and banners.  While traveling to Spain recently on American Airlines, I read about BE PINK and THINK PINK……… View the post

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Because I’m happy.


This blog is intended to make you happy.  Yes, you can MAKE yourself happy.  Or at least take a minute and explore your happiness.  Let me ask you…..would you be happier if you lost weight?  What makes YOU happy?  Has anyone asked you this lately?……………..


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Happy Pills


Have you seen these stores around called “Happy Pills”? There is one in Barcelona, but they are in other major cities too. They are actually a candy store dressed up as a drugstore or pharmacy.  Recently, I visited one and took a few pictures.  I’d like to share them, and my opinion with you………………………. View the post

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You Skinny Girl, You!


Since we are all so busy during the holidays, this will be short and sweet and a little tart too.  It’s party time!  Time again to spread the cheer, share a recipe, a favorite gift idea, and a website too.  First, one of my favorite things I’ve eaten this season so far is…….

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