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The Myth of Aging


Most people feel younger than their current age.  In many ways, life gets better as we get older.  Our moods and overall sense of well being improve with age. Wisdom flourishes. Confidence increases. But, there is also this perception that the older we get, the more we lose it.  As we become a society of mostly older people, we are receiving new information that disputes this perception that age goes along with decline, less production, less satisfaction and less enjoyment in life….. View the post

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Exciting New Yoga at Body of Wisdom


We will soon begin our 10th year of YOGA at Body of Wisdom.  We’ve seen many changes at the studio, but one thing has remained constant and consistent….we continue to DO YOGA.  The benefits of yoga are physical and mental and will feed your soul every time you DO it………………. View the post

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Another Detox, The Tree, That Tree


Come Spring, I advocate another detox.  Or, what I like to call a healthy detox.  It is intended for you to take a break from the daily living we continue to experience without much thought. It’s a break from all the mundane & regular foods/drinks you ingest, all the in your face media and noise you don’t want, but you get anyway from your normal surroundings of work and just life in general.  Let me share this special detox……………….. View the post

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What’s happening at Body of Wisdom?


Body of Wisdom is celebrating a 7th anniversary this fall.  The “7 year itch” has brought on a few fun happenings.  First, Yoga at the Body of Wisdom studio in Cherokee is being offered three times a week this fall: Mondays at 6 pm, Wednesdays at 12 noon, and Thursdays at 9 am.  You may sign up and join in at anytime.   

Another class at BW also being offered is Zumba-Yoga  on Tuesdays at 6 pm beginning September 11th for 12 weeks.  This class is a combination of Yoga warm ups and cool down, with a Latin dancing twist in between!  It’s a great workout and a chance to dance into good health.  Hurry and sign up!

In Barcelona, the book club/dinner club, Savoring Words Barcelona, will be held on Tuesday, October 16th.  To also commemorate the “7 year itch” , BW is bringing back to life  – “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert.  This was also the very first book club/ dinner club in Cherokee, and it’s such a great read and was such a success that we want to do it again, only this time in Spain!  For details and to sign up, check out the events calendar here or on facebook. 

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