Are you looking for a total body, mind and spirit approach?  Something that takes into account your environment and your relationship with others as it connects to your own nutrition, body, and health?

Finding this type of service is sometimes hard, but it’s all here at Body of Wisdom. This overall technique is the most beneficial and accommodating to your own needs and desires.  And it can be a lot of fun!  You will transform into the person you want to be.  You will connect to your mind, body and spirit in a glorious way.  As a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, formerly the American Dietetic Association, Nutrition Entrepreneurs, and integrative health organizations such as Natural Standard, you will be entitled to receive updated and evidence based nutrition and health information.

You get results in the form of:  releasing weight; feeling better about your body; better management of medications, stress, pain and discomfort; moving with pleasure; enjoyment of activities; finding peace inside and outside of yourself, and organization within your surroundings.  You honestly complete the program liking your body, enjoying your food, and loving your whole self and new lifestyle!

Listed below are both individual and group services that are provided.  Each service relates to each other and enhances each other.  You can choose one service/event designed for your special needs, or you can choose a package that combines and incorporates these services.  The more services you combine, the less expensive the individual service becomes.

Packages are:

  • My Cup Runneth Over”  for 12 months
  • A Full Cup of Body of Wisdom“  for 6 months
  • A Good Taste of Body of Wisdom for 3 months

Each package includes my 5 step program:

  1. Discovery of who you are, and who you want to be
  2. Focus on the mind-body connection
  3. Listen to your past, present and future
  4. Create and manage your new lifestyle
  5. Arrange your environment to feed your soul

Plus, depending on the package you choose:

  • Up to 100 strategies, tools and activities for healthy eating and living;
  • Weekly and monthly counseling sessions;
  • Personal assessments and evaluations;
  • Personality Diet and Exercise Quiz;
  • Meal and snack plans;
  • Movement, exercise and activity plans;
  • Feng Shui- kitchen and clothes closet reorganization;
  • Choice of spiritual activities and group events and so much more!

So… to me!  Call me, Mary Meloy at 321-473-3029, text me at 712 221 7039…where ever you happen to be.  You may call my cell phone  when I am in the U.S. at 712 221-7039.  Email me at  I will promptly get back to you about Body of Wisdom’s services, so you can decide which best fits your situation.

The following are a list of individual services:

Body of Wisdom services

  • Nutrition Counseling/Education
  • Kitchen and Closet Reorganization
  • Yoga (individual)
  • Reiki
  • Feng Shui
  • Meditation/Imagery

All services are by appointment only and made in advance. Session times are based on 1/2 hour increments and length of time is determined mutually by client and counselor´s guidance.  Payment is determined in advance. It is recommended that if you cancel, you do so in advance of 24 hours.

The following are a list of group services:

Group Yoga and Energy Movement

  • Currently held in the studio at Body of Wisdom, 124 East Main Street, Cherokee, IA. Memberships are available upon request. Prices are subject to change. Current  times are based on CST in the United States and are subject to change.
  • Current class Times are as follows: 
  • Mondays 7:00 pm – Flow with Mary (when in U.S. in studio)
  • Wednesdays 12:00 noon – Restorative with Wendy
  • Thursdays 12:00 noon – Skype, CD,, or in studio Yoga with Mary
  • Saturdays 10:00 am – Fun Kid’s Movement with Carrie


Yoga Instructors:

About Nicky Sleezer- (Currently not teaching due to injury) Nicky finds that teaching yoga complements her busy lifestyle, relieves her stress, and helps build energy and strength, so she would like to pass it on.  She has a BS in Biology from Buena Vista University in Iowa, where she also studied health and fitness for many years.  She resides in Aurelia, Iowa with her husband and 3 active boys.  She also stays busy working with the family business, Herbenia Farms, a local herb growing business.  Nicky’s style of teaching Yoga is fitness oriented and she has been teaching at Body of Wisdom for 7 years.  To contact Nicky for more information, call 712 261-1083

About Wendy Ewalt - Wendy is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200).  She recently received her certification from Samadhi Center for Yoga and Meditation in Denver, Colorado, where she has practiced for many years.  Her areas of interest are Hatha, Vinyasa, and Restorative, and yoga for injury and aging.   Wendy has been doing Yoga since the 1970’s, and has studied asanas & meditation in Los Angeles, CA  & Bikram yoga in Denver, CO.  She holds an MS in Clinical Nutrition from California State University at Northridge.  Wendy enjoys hiking, biking, and reading; and currently lives with her husband in Storm Lake.

About Carrie Pruett - Carrie teaches Kid’s Fun Movement for ages 3-12 years old on Saturday mornings.  She is  currently studying and training for her Yoga certification at Okoboji and will receive 200 hours in 2014.  She holds an MS in Psychology and is a certified Reiki Master. Carrie lives in Cherokee with her husband and 3 children. To contact Carrie for more information, call 712 261-1150.


Book Club/Dinner ClubBook club food journey – Savoring Words!

This event is held periodically and advertised a month in advance.  A healthy meal and drinks associated with the subject are served and included in the price.  The title of the book is determined by Mary and read prior to the event night.  Sign up is also required prior to the event night.  When held at Body of Wisdom, attendance is a maximum of 20 people.  The event is held on a weeknight for approximately 3 hours while we explore the book and taste the foods and drinks.   Payments can be made in advance or on the night of the event by cash or check.  It is recommended that if you cancel, you do so 2 days in advance to allow for food preparation and provide a space if there is a waiting list.

Group Workshops and Presentations

Group workshops and presentations are seasonal and/or upon request.  All workshops include healthy foods and drinks associated with the subject.  To reserve your place at the table, advanced sign up is required. Payments are determined and paid for in advance and based on the type of workshop or presentation.
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