Yoga and Energy Movement

Energy Movement

Mind, Body, Spirit Connection

Body of Wisdom offers instruction for yoga and energy movement in an integrative way to facilitate overall good health. The body, mind and spirit are built to be in a constant state of energy movement and flow. For example, cells are constantly regenerating, the blood flows, muscle breaks down and builds up, and the heart beats. Foods and liquids provide the basic essentials for the movement of digestion, calorie intake and output, the building of bones and muscles, and the storage of nutrients and minerals.

Energy required for nutrition is basic survival. However, sometimes energy remains stagnant. For instance, an individual may store too much unwanted energy which can become fat; this increases a person’s lethargy and tiredness and soon it can become commonplace. Then, often a lack of motivation to change takes over. If allowed to continue then perhaps there is chronic illness and pain. Body of Wisdom provides services to help you unblock this energy so that it remains balanced. This new found energy can promote weight release, maintenance or gain, and often times a relief from pain and illness. Consequently, this can ensure overall better health, less disease, and a general good, happy feeling.

Besides from fitness movement and nutrition; Reiki, Yoga and Feng Shui are complementary techniques that can also be used to move energy to your advantage.  Done properly, these non invasive and ancient practices can be a special way to have fun and provide yourself with more health care options!


Resting buddhaThe power of yoga to restore and heal is well known and has been around for many centuries.  Through movement, breathing, and visualization techniques, yoga in general empowers a person to get back in touch with their selves.  There are gentle stretching, flexibility, and balancing exercises to help as we age.  And yes, there are strengthening and toning exercises to make us feel strong.  These, along with incorporating the breathing and visualization techniques, enhance your own practice.

Modern Yoga is different than regular exercise because it has many components, not just the physical.  We do practice physical postures to strengthen the body and the mind through concentration.  We practice mental discipline through meditation and focusing. We practice breathing for renewal and purification.  We practice self-care through self-reflection and by taking care of our bodies.  We practice spiritually to be appreciative, loving and forgiving to ourselves and others.

Each class offered at Body of Wisdom is different, and each instructor is unique.  All are done in a supportive and beautiful studio environment on historic main in Cherokee.  BW Yoga classes change from season to season to keep a fresh and flexible schedule.  BW currently offers 3-4 classes per week.  This includes: a relaxing evening flow on Monday (Mary in studio for July & August), Wednesday noon (restorative), and Thursday noon (Skype, in studio,,  and kids functional movement class on most Saturday mornings.  Even though it is a constant and changing environment, the needs of the studio, students, teachers, and the community are always taken into consideration.

In particular, we now have Restorative Yoga.  This type of yoga relaxes the body and mind so that it can access its own inherent healing potential.  Unlike flow, power, vinyasa or hatha yoga, restorative is not an active “work out” of the physical body.  It is a form of yoga that allows for deep relaxation of the body and mind, resulting in support of the parasympathetic nervous systems and all its related biochemistry, soothing, repairing and re-building body systems.  Immediate benefits of restorative yoga typically include a deep feeling of relaxation and well-being.

Scientists have repeatedly shown this type of relaxation practice, when done regularly, to result in marked reduction in anxiety, improved digestion, circulation, and immune response, enhanced flexibility, and lower heart rate and blood vessel dilation.  It can also help relieve mild depression and illnesses caused by life trauma such as divorce, loss of a job or death of a loved one.  A simple practice, restorative yoga can be done by anyone.  “Props” such as bolsters, blankets and blocks are used to position the body in relaxing poses, sometimes including gentle passive stretching of the muscles, and allowing for deep relaxation.  Nearly all postures are done on the floor and are held for as few as two minutes and up to 10 minutes or more.  There are no performance expectations in restorative, it is appropriate for all ages and body types and does not require previous yoga knowledge.   The objective is to relax both the body and the mind and to re-condition ourselves to take this relaxed state off the mat and into the world, recalling calmness whenever we wish.

The Functional Movement for Kids classes are for ages 3-12 years old.  The age appropriate sequencing, involving fun movements, music and games encourage cooperation and child development, as well as building problem solving skills.  Classes are 1/2 hour on most Saturdays at 10:00 am.  Call Carrie for details and to sign up, 712 261-1150, or email her at

All yoga should be joyful and satisfying, free of pain and excess effort.  All of the Yoga classes at Body of Wisdom are offered to enhance living in harmony with our life path and maintaining balance in the face of life’s turbulence. Yoga moves beyond the studio, and its restorative and stabilizing functions of the mind, body and spirit.  After continued yoga, you leave with a strong sense of renewal and confidence. It’s possible upon entering the outside world,  you have a better appreciation and focus with your surroundings.  Yoga has an unusual way of encouraging you to give back to your community, and to be forgiving and accepting.

For a current listing of teachers and schedules, please click on the heading, Services, in this website.  Email Mary at for more information or questions.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the correcting, enhancing, and/or redirecting energy, so called ¨chi¨ or life force flow.  In doing this you maximize the strengths and minimize the weaknesses associated with a particular place or situation.  It is not about buying a new home or adding onto an existing place, moving a stairway, or entrance;  it is rather about working with what you have to accentuate it in a positive and beneficial manner.  When working with the Bagua, just one of the visual tools used in Feng Shui, areas can be approached individually to benefit your own life, work, family, health and happiness.  Often times a person does not know where or how to begin.  It can be simple, and sometimes, it is just about common sense and what feels right.  For instance, in weight management; the kitchen and clothes closet can be spaces to improve and enhance.  Feng Shui can allow for the energy to begin moving again; establishing organization; and the letting go of the old and unused to bring in newness.  These all help with energy movement, and consequently have a unique way of getting the body to move also.  It’s almost like magic!


Reiki is an ancient hands-on type of body therapy in which energy is transferred. Reiki restores the body’s natural energy balance and supports its ability to heal itself. It promotes deep relaxation, evoking a sense of peace and well-being. It strengthens the immune system and relieves pain and stress. It provides needed gentle touch and comfort in times of mourning.  It loosens blocked energy and cleanses the body of toxins. It complements, and can be used in conjunction with other medical interventions. It is non invasive and done on an individual basis.