Weight management

So, you want to release weight? You say you feel out of control?

Weight Management Services
If you answer yes to these or any one or more of the following questions:

  • Are you unhappy with your present body weight?
  • Have you struggled for years to lose weight, or “yo yo” dieting?
  • Does your child have a problem with obesity?
  • Do you binge (eat alot in one sitting) or purge (find ways to rid yourself of your food)?
  • Do you exercise too much?  Or not enough?
  • Do you need to manage your weight with diabetes, pregnancy, or menopause, for instance?
  • Does stress or schedules and deadlines contribute to your over or under eating?
  • Do you have a body image issue that interferes with your normal daily activities?

Then…. Body of Wisdom is the perfect support for you. Most of the time, you know what to do to eat healthy and release weight, but for some reason you just can’t do it.  Or, maybe you feel so out of control that you do NOT know what to do anymore. Maybe your just tired of it all.  It´s okay.  Together we will research and discover the what, why, how and where you are in the place you are currently in by using tools designed just for you personally. By knowing the problem, you can find the solution. This is like no other program you have been involved in, it´s very unique. This is NOT a diet.  We can make it simple and uncomplicated, or we can dive into it, it´s your choice!  This program is designed for you on an individual basis, and that is what makes it work. It´s not time to give up yet.  You can do this!