Let’s Have Some Fun

The following are examples of individual and group workshops and presentations offered by Body of Wisdom. Please call or email Mary for details, questions, or to set up. Fees are negotiable.  Food and drink can be included in the price.  You may select from any category and title listed below depending on your needs.

Category 1: Weight Management

  • Back to Basics: Hunger, Comfort and Fullness
  • What’s Holding You Back: Belief, Action, Result!
  • Problems and Solutions: Observations and Corrections
  • Scheduling and Decision Making
  • Emotional Eating
  • Test Your Diet Personality
  • Quit Smoking and Maintain Your Weight


Category 2: General Nutrition

  • Healthy Snacks: Tastings and Recipes
  • Seasonal Approach to Eating Whole Foods
  • Celebrate the Holidays in a Healthy Way
  • Ayurveda Health: The 3 Dochas
  • Spring Cleanse

Category 3: Environmental Health

  • Kitchen Reorganization
  • Closet Reorganization
  • Feng Shui Your Space
  • Clear the Clutter and Be Happy
  • How To Have a Healthy Workplace

Category 4: Integrative Health

  • What’s All This Talk About Stress?
  • The Vision Board

Category 5: Book Club/Dinner Club

  • Book decided at least one month in advance of event.