Special Offers

The ‘’Complete Healthy You’’ Program 

This is a program to bring you optimum health using nutrition, fitness, and massage, from a team of health care professionals in Barcelona, Spain, which offers individually based:

  • Weight Management and Nutrition Counsel with an Integrative (Mind-Body-Spirit) Approach
  • Personal Fitness with Training in Cardiovascular and Deep Muscle Toning
  • Therapeutic Massage combining Swedish/Japanese technique with Organic Oils

This is for the person who wants to commit to improving their overall health and lifestyle, given in our private, comfortable and beautiful Eixample studio’s in the centre of Barcelona.

Benefits To You:

  • To eat and live like a confident and healthy person while releasing to your ideal weight
  • To enjoy exercise, tone up, renew your energy while losing weight at the same time
  • To feel relaxed, de-stressed, detoxified and relieve your pain

You will expect to feel fantastic experiencing a physical, mental and emotional change as you move through this program given by a health team using weekly scheduled appointments, assessments and evaluations, and taking away personalized tips to gain optimum health and happiness!

The Professional Team: 

Mary Meloy is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist who specializes in weight management using an integrative (mind-body-spirit) approach. She is the owner of Body of Wisdom, a global online company for preventative health care. She received her education and training in the United States with degrees in Health and Physical Education from Penn State University, a dietetic/nutrition certification from Kansas State University, and masters in Holistic Health Education from John F. Kennedy University. She currently resides in Barcelona and in Iowa, having the best of both worlds and living her dream of helping others with their unique health issues. She is a member of the American Dietetic Association, Nutrition Entrepreneurs and Weight Management Specialists. Her website is www.marymeloy.com  and email is bodyofwisdom@gmail.com

Daniel Benites is a certified personal trainer and football coach, who specializes in Functional Training and Cardio Box. He is the owner of a private fitness studio in the center of Barcelona called “Daniel Benites Personal Trainer”. He has dedicated his life to sports practices since the age of 8, playing in a semi profession football team in Argentina. This all lead to a Bachelor degree in Sports Journalism. Moving to Barcelona 8 years ago, he dreamed of having his own studio and welcoming his own clients. In this beautiful studio he provides a good fitness session, deep stretching, all accompanied by relaxing and rejuvenating music. Recently he was featured in the September issue of Metropolitan Magazine and in a TV program ‘España Directo’ on TVE and TV program ‘Conexió’ on TV Barcelona.  His website is www.personaltrainerbcn.com and email is danielbenites.personaltrainer@gmail.com

Nunu Roney is a professional massage therapist for 15 years and has had clinics in London, Madrid and Ibiza. She is the now owner of “The Vital Touch” in Barcelona. She was trained in London in four different massage techniques and is certified in ITEC diploma, anatomy, physiology, and body massage. Her massages are combined with deep tissue using aromatic oils, Japanese acupressure points, stretches, and Reiki energy. In the last 3 years Nunu has been offering her therapeutic massages in her peaceful clinic in the heart of Barcelona alongside Daniel Benites Personal Trainer studio.
Her website is http://www.tvtbarcelona.com  and her email is nunu@thevitaltouch.com

We offer 3 types of the Complete Healthy You Programs: a 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months.  You can choose which program you prefer depending on how much time, energy and money you would like to devote to it.  When you commit to this 1, 3  or 6 month program, you will receive the following:

  • Nutrition Counsel -6 month is 12 hours, including weekly check-ins; 3 month is 6 hours; 1 month is 3 hours
  • Personal Fitness Training 6 month is 2x times per week, total of 48 sessions; 3 month is 2x/wk, 24 sessions; 1 month is 2 x/wk, 8 sessions 
  • Therapeutic Massage 6 month is 1x time per month, total of 6 sessions; 3 month is 4 sessions; 1 month is 2 sessions

Contact any one of us above to receive more information!