Diane and Fred

Never too late – At 55 years old, my husband and I attended our first consultation meeting at Body of Wisdom.  Realizing the poor health of so many of our “senior” family members, we wanted to try and learn more about nutrition and keeping excess weight off and just maybe combating some of those medical problems we had heard and seen.  Also, carrying excess weight made us both feel not so good about ourselves and periods of “feeling blue” were becoming pretty frequent.  Through Mary´s consultations, we were re-educated on nutrition, the importance of exercise, and altering certain “mindsets” we had become use to having.  She took a personal interest in working with us to improve our health, both mind and body, and offered great tips to stay focused on our goals.  We are happy to say that we met our weight goals and strive daily to keep healthy eating habits going.


I’ve very much appreciated the opportunity to learn yoga from Mary Meloy at Body of Wisdom. Her knowledge of yoga poses, its history & fundamentals along with her soothing voice make for a very spiritual experience as well as a wonderful & comfortable way to achieve a very well toned body image.


I love taking time to do yoga at Body of Wisdom! It is soothing and restorative, and it helps me to feel recharged. This type of yoga heals you mentally, physically and emotionally!


Yoga at Body of Wisdom keeps me going strong. The tension and pain of the day melt away after I do yoga with Mary.  She´s taught me how to regularly take a deep cleansing breath and how to relax.


Mary taught an AyurVedic spring workshop, that was so insightful. We learned about the three Doshas. Finding your Dosha was the focus of the workshop. Tried fun food, with take home recipes. I have used many of them since. Mary is an excellent communicator and teacher.


Yoga classes at Body of Wisdom have helped me with lower back pain. Weight Management classes with Mary have helped me eat better and enjoy food more. I look forward to all the classes!


Body of Wisdom has helped me become more in tuned to my body and given me the ability to focus on my personal needs more effectively.


Body of Wisdom´s Yoga classes have improved my flexibility and balance and at my age (64) that’s a very good thing!